UCP Research Grant FAQs


New UCP Research Program FAQs


Do I have to be a UCP affiliate to be awarded a grant?

No. While preference may be given to UCP affiliates or those collaborating with our affiliates, applicants do not need to be an affiliate for the Pilot or Extension Grants.

Who are the UCP affiliates?

There are 58 UCP affiliates (56 in the U.S and two in Canada). The affiliates comprise a diverse network of service providers who share a mission to be the indispensable resource for individuals with cerebral palsy and other disabilities, their families, and their communities.

May I submit a hard-copy application/proposal to the United Cerebral Palsy Research Committee?

No. The UCP Research Committee only accepts applications/proposals submitted at research@ucp.org.

If our organization receives a research grant during the current grant cycle, may we apply again in a future grant cycle?

Yes. You may apply again to the UCP Research Program during a future grant yet.

Will the UCP Research Committee fund partial amounts of the full amount requested?

Yes. Because of limited funds, the UCP Research Committee will consider offering a grant in an amount less than requested. Awards will not exceed $20,000.

If two organizations are collaborating on a project, should each organization submit a separate proposal?

No. Applicants working with other organizations on the same multi-organization project should submit a single, joint application to reflect the collaboration. A short letter of collaboration from each organization is recommended.

What if I have a question while developing the grant application?

Please email research@ucp.org with your question(s) during any stage of the grant application process.