Case For Inclusion

It is the duty of a civil society such as ours to aid these individuals, who are often the most vulnerable among us.

Yet some States do much better than others in having the needed political will and sound Medicaid policies necessary to achieve this ideal. The Case for Inclusion ranks all 50 States and the District of Columbia (D.C.) – not on their spending – but on their outcomes for Americans with IDD.

The Case for Inclusion shows how well each individual State is performing overall; how each state matches up against other states regarding key data measures; and, most importantly, the top performing states with policies and practices that should be replicated.

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The ANCOR Foundation and UCP wish to extend deep gratitude to Donna Martin, ANCOR, and Catherine Thibedeau, Independence Advocates of Maine, who served as lead authors for this report.

We greatly appreciate the significant contributions made by members of the Case for Inclusion 2021 Steering Committee, including Ann Coffey, UCP Oregon; Colleen Crispino, UCP of Long Island; Lydia Dawson, Idaho Association of Community Providers; Mike Foddrill, UCP Association of Greater Indianapolis; Anne Hindrichs, McMains Children’s Development Center; and Yadira Holmes, Consumer Direct Care Network.

Finally, we are immensely grateful for the UCP and ANCOR staff and consultants who contributed to the development of this report. At UCP, we extend our gratitude to Armando Contreras, James Garcia, Fernanda Morrison and Anita Porco. At ANCOR, we extend our gratitude to Sean Luechtefeld, Shannon McCracken, Barbara Merrill and Gabrielle Sedor.