Early Detection & Intervention Collaborative

The average age for a child to be diagnosed with cerebral palsy (CP) in the U.S. is 2 years old. However, 2017 international guidelines state that early diagnosis and intervention for CP can occur as early as 3 months old.

UCP’s Early Detection and Intervention (EDI) Collaborative is an exclusive collective of 7 affiliates sponsored by the UCP Research Committee who provide “early as possible” detection and intervention
of CP. The EDI Collaborative is a group of physicians, occupational therapists and physical therapists who are trained in a care pathway using the Hammersmith Infant Neurological Exam (HINE). If you are a pediatrician, specialist, or parent looking to refer a child with risk factors for CP, contact any UCP in or nearby your community.

Find a participating UCP Affiliate in your community!

Gillette Children’s / UCP of Minnesota
UCP of Central Arizona
UCP of Central Florida
UCP of Greater Cleveland
UCP of Huntsville & Tennessee Valley
UCP of Mobile
Unlimited Possibilities

Thank you to our partner, Cerebral Palsy Foundation, for providing training
to implement a UCP network for early detection of cerebral palsy!