There’s Nothing Typical about Tosh

Special thanks to United Cerebral Palsy of Orange County for sharing the story of Tosh and his family. UCP affiliates work on the front lines to help 178,000 families like Tosh’s every day. Your support of UCP goes a long way toward making an impact on communities like Orange County and others throughout the country. Tosh_Choc_3-19-12

Tosh’s birth was far from typical. He was delivered stillborn by emergency C-section after an amniotic fluid embolism took his mother’s life. Miraculously, doctors were able to resuscitate him, but little Tosh spent the first three weeks of his life in the NICU faced with a variety of health issues related to his traumatic birth, including a very high risk of cerebral palsy.

When Tosh was released from the hospital, his father Jody was referred to United Cerebral Palsy of Orange County immediately for early intervention therapy. Tosh received weekly therapy sessions at UCP-OC for a year and a half which focused on strengthening his body to sit, crawl, stand and eventually walk. Progress was slow at first, but through the dedication of his therapist and Jody’s Toshcommitment to his progress, Tosh recently “graduated” from the therapy program. He is now considered developmentally typical – walking, talking and functioning like this toddler peers do.

“Without UCP-OC, I have no doubt Tosh would have significant developmental delays today,” said Josh’s father Jody. “I am grateful every day for the care and treatment UCP-OC provided to our family.”

UCP affiliates like UCP-OC and dozens of others across the country and as far away as Canada and Australia provide top-quality care for children like Tosh. But they prove to be invaluable resources for parents like Jody as well. No husband and expectant father expects to mourn the death of his wife on the same day he celebrates the birth of his son. Add to that the challenges Tosh overcame for his own survival and you can understand what a difficult experience Jody faced. Jody says that “throughout the entire process, I always knew UCP-OC was my partner in caring for Tosh. UCP-OC was a home to use, and the staff a part of our family.”