Looking Back: UCP’s Top Ten of 2014

UCP has shared many stories about people and their famililes living with disabilities this year, but these 10 deserve revisiting for their ability to capture our emotions from empathy and inspiration to innovation or even outrage. Here are the Voices of UCP blog’s top 5 stories of 2014:

#10. Hey Candidates, People with Disabilities Can Help Elect You…Or Not

#9. Enabled by Design-athon from an OT’s Perspective

#8. First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage

#7. Ms. Wheelchair Michigan Shares Journey to Parenthood

#6. Who Cares About Ken Jennings? A Teachable Moment

#5. UCP Chats with the U.S. National Paralympic Soccer Team

#4. Austin’s Journey

#3. #HalloweenwithoutLimits Crowns Most Creative Costume

#2. Teen Gets a Yes! to Prom

#1. From an Orphanage in Africa to a Life without Limits 


Israel2From an Orphanage in Africa to a Life Without Limits