UCP National President and CEO, Armando A. Contreras, Appointed to SourceAmerica Board of Directors








UCP National President and CEO Appointed to SourceAmerica Board of Directors


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Washington, D.C. (January 30, 2018)  —  President and CEO of UCP National, Armando A. Contreras has been appointed to the Board of Directors of SourceAmerica. SourceAmerica has helped over 125,000 people with disabilities find employment through their contracts for over 40 years. UCP National and SourceAmerica have had a long-standing relationship, having representation on the board since 2005. Mr. Contreras joins a list of board members from a range of corporations and disability organizations striving to help ensure increased employment for individuals with significant disabilities.

“As Board Chair of UCP, I am delighted that our President and CEO, has been selected to serve on the SourceAmerica Board. Mr. Contreras’s, extensive experience in supporting inclusiveness on every level for those living with a disability as well as his breadth of knowledge in the non-profit arena, are talents which will support the mission and work of SourceAmerica.” Says Diane Wilush, Board Chair of UCP National.

Mr. Contreras will serve a three-year term as part of his appointment beginning on March 1, 2018 and will be eligible to serve three 3-year terms.


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