State of the States Survey: 2011

The National Association of States United for Aging and Disabilities recently published findings from a survey of state aging and disability services. State Aging and Disability Agencies in Times of Change, highlights the roles and responsibilities of state aging and disabilities agencies during this unprecedented era of state agency reorganization, re-conceptualization of state government, and restructuring of long term services and supports delivery systems and financing.

The 2011 survey captured a snapshot of the states in a period of transition and change. Key elements driving continued change include the economic environment, Affordable Care Act implementation, uncertainty in the federal budget particularly with the failure of the Congressional Super Committee, changes in state level leadership, and the 2012 elections.

Physical Activity and Sport for People with Disabilities: Symposium and Strategic Planning

The Athletic Equity Symposium held in June 2011 brought together diverse academic, administrative, organization, and education experts as well as advocates and athletes with disabilities to discuss policy issues and changes that can be made at the national, state and local levels to ensure full participation of children, youth and young adults in sports and physical activity. A strategic plan was created to accomplishing the goal of full participation in sports and physical activity. Click here to read these proceedings and the strategic plan from the meeting. The last page of the proceedings document contains links to other resource documents used to inform the discussion.