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Persons with disabilities are at much higher risk for developing chronic health diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke due to obesity, decreased activity, poor nutrition, and metabolic changes that occur with some disabilities and injuries. The increasing rate of obesity in children with disabilities is particularly alarming.

Most health promotion activities fail to address the unique needs and challenges that people with disabilities face when it comes to adopting these lifestyle improvements. However proper nutrition, exercise and preventive health care practices can help both children and adults improve health and well-being and decrease the risk of chronic diseases and secondary conditions that often accompany disabilities.

American Association on Health and Disability

Supports health promotion and wellness initiatives for children and adults with disabilities. Provides an online health promotion resource center, database of model programs and best practices and publishes the journal, Disability and Health.

Overweight and Obesity Among People with Disabilities

Fact sheet from the CDC with information, statistics, and resources.

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