Dear All,

For so many of our friends, family, and colleagues, giving thanks during this holiday season amid the trauma of our nation’s persistent health crisis may not be easy. However, in the course of all that has occurred are significant blessings.

The pandemic has upended our lives in innumerable and often unimaginable ways. If we haven’t caught COVID-19, we almost certainly know someone who has, or worse yet, lost someone dear to us to the deadly virus.

Yet over the past 20 months, we should not forget, we have also encountered countless acts of heroism, healing, and outright selflessness, thanks in part to the legions of volunteer and professional caregivers and other service providers throughout the disability community. Because of their unwavering commitment, the lives of millions of people with disabilities and their families have been touched and profoundly changed for the better.

So as we gather this week with the people we love, even as complex as the past two years have been, I remain convinced now more than ever that United Cerebral Palsy’s network of affiliates, along with our community partners across the nation, have been blessed with a priceless gift: the awe-inspiring responsibility of bringing comfort, solace, and, yes, even joy to those we serve.

For that, I am very thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families.



Armando A. Contreras


United Cerebral Palsy

The Case for Inclusion 2021 Special Report examines the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on community-based disability services and provides a blueprint for a more sustainable disability services system.

Read the Case for Inclusion Report 2021.

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