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United Cerebral Palsy appoints new slate of members for its Board of Trustees

VIENNA, VA – The Members of the Corporation for United Cerebral Palsy has appointed a new slate of members for its Board of Trustees.

The Members of the Corporation unanimously approved the association’s new slate of trustees on May 1 during UCP’s Annual Conference. The MOC is comprised of executive leaders of UCP’s 54 affiliates across the United States. (UCP has two affiliates in Canada, but executives from international affiliates are nonvoting members.)

At its meeting on May 8, the MOC approved two new members to the Board of Trustees: Dr. Jennifer Luebke, senior vice president and chief workforce office at Pride Industries, and Bradley P. Boyer, a partner with Kutak Rock LLP and the immediate past chair of the Epilepsy Foundation. Luebke and Boyer began their first terms on June 1.  In addition, the MOC ratified the appointments of UCP of Central California Executive Director Roger Slingerman to serve a full term as the West RAC representative on the board and for UCP of Central Pennsylvania President and CEO Janeen Latin to complete the current term as the Northeast RAC representative.

“The Board of Trustees is extremely proud to welcome its new and continuing members as we enter an exciting phase for our affiliate network,” said Board Chairman Keith Graham, managing principal of Graham, Brown & Dutton, PC in Mobile, Alabama. “I look forward to helping lead this amazing and storied organization as we prepare to mark UCP’s 75th anniversary.”

UCP President and CEO Armando Contreras added, “The future of this organization is very bright. Guided by a new three-year strategic plan we’ve developed in close cooperation with our affiliate leaders, UCP is ready to build on its proud legacy as one of the nation’s top service providers and advocates for people with disabilities.”

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Armando Contreras


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