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Changing the Conversation Language Guide for Affiliates and Advocates

It’s not what you say, it’s what they hear. UCP worked with Maslansky + Partners, to define the perceptions certain influential groups of people have about the current state of disability. The results were unexpected, but logical and have led us to make some significant changes in how we approach public policy advocacy. UCP’s national office invites you to join us in increasing the impact of the disability movement by changing the conversation using this Language Guide and Toolkit based on our findings.

Legislative Agenda for the 114th Congress
UCP has a long history of partnering with other disability rights organizations to amplify our collective voice in support of people with a spectrum of disabilities.  Read more about our combined work in the 112th Congress here.

Read the UCP Washington Wire 
This is a weekly publication that provides a comprehensive source of information on federal legislation, agency regulations, court decisions and other issues of interest to the disability community.

Read The Case for Inclusion

UCP’s The Case for Inclusion ranks all 50 states and the District of Columbia for Medicaid services provided to intellectual and developmental disability populations. The 2014 report found progress in Medicaid services, but nearly 33,000 Americans with ID/DD still live in 162 large, state-run institutions.

Legislative and Policy Achievements
UCP, in collaboration with various disability rights partners, has been instrumental in helping to pass significant legislative advances for people with a spectrum of disabilities.  Read more about our participation in shaping federal policy.

UCP’s work has been a part of the ongoing civil rights movement for people with disabilities.  Read more about the major federal laws and initiatives that create the legislative framework for this important movement.

Don’t Let Our Country Make a Long-Term Mistake (PDF)

By Connie Garner and Kate Josephson