My Life Without Limits

UCP recently launched My Life Without Limits (MLWL), the go-to site for individuals with a range of disabilities. In addition to news and resources, you’ll find ways to connect, ask questions, exchange advice and share information among people with a range of disabilities.

Oftentimes, the best tips for an individual with a disability comes from others who have been there, done the same thing, or are going through a similar experience. MLWL is community-driven, with people with disabilities steering the content. We believe there is a deep and unique connection that comes with communicating with others who have disabilities. MLWL explores topics important to people with disabilities, such as health and wellness, relationships, education, traveling and more.

As UCP’s My Child Without Limits (MCWL) program is a resource for parents and families of those with disabilities, MLWL is a resource for individuals with disabilities.


Check it out HERE!

My Life Without Limits

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