Faces of Medicaid

Americans with Disabilities & their Families Meet with White House Officials and Members of Congress on Capitol Hill

Negotiations over deficit reduction and the debt ceiling have significant implications that could have a profoundly negative impact on Americans with disabilities and their families. Proposed cuts to Medicaid threaten to eliminate vital services. Americans with disabilities and their family members met with officials in the White House and on Capitol Hill to share their stories and fight to preserve Medicaid.

We applaud the President for calling for solutions that preserve vital lifelines for people with disabilities and their families, who want to continue to contribute to the nation’s health and economic recovery. Gutting Medicaid is not the answer to our economic woes, and we thank all those on both sides of the aisle working to defend the most vulnerable in our country.

President Obama’s statement during today’s press conference about debt and deficit reduction talks:


UCP & AAPD want to provide a face to Medicaid. How has Medicaid impacted your life?


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The Case for Inclusion


UCP’s annual The Case for Inclusion report ranks the 50 States & DC on Medicaid services for individuals with disabilities. The 6th annual report finds progress in Medicaid services, but that nearly 33,000 Americans with ID/DD still live in 162 large, state-run institutions. Read the 2014 report for full information.

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Sharing their stories, community members show the face of Medicaid.