Born Too Soon: Global Action Report on Preterm Birth

The World Health Organization recently released, Born Too Soon: A Global Action Report on Preterm Birth. The report features the first-ever estimates of preterm birth rates by country and is authored by a broad group of 45 international multi-disciplinary experts from 11 countries, with almost 50 organizations in support. This report is written in support of all families who have been touched by preterm birth. Findings show that rates of preterm births are increasing however premature babies can be saved now with feasible,cost-effective care. An Executive Summary highlights the key findings of the report.

Caring for the Late Preterm Infant: A Clinical Practice Guideline

Late Preterm Infants, those born between 34 0/7 weeks and 36 6/7 weeks, often appear outwardly similar to and are treated like full term infants. However, research has shown that they often have some of the same medical issues as early preterm infants, including feeding issues, breathing issues and developmental delays. 

In an effort to create a better system of care for the late preterm infant,  the Oklahoma Infant Alliance has created a toolkit for health care providers and families, so both can have a better understanding of the unique needs and issues of the Late Preterm Infant. For more information or to order full copies of the toolkit visit the Oklahoma Infant Alliance.