Health Disparities Chart Book on Disability and Racial and Ethnic Status in the U.S.

The basic purpose of this chart book is to answer  the question of whether working age (18-64) people with disabilities in the United States  experience health disparities similar to those  experienced by members of racial and ethnic  minority groups in the United States. The report also explores the role of disability in the context of national efforts to address health disparities. Are the socio-economic and health experiences of people with disabilities similar to other recognized minority groups in the United States, such as underserved racial and ethnic groups?  Read more…

New Recommendations for Improving Access to Care for Minority Persons with Disabilities

People with disabilities often lack access to health care services. Minority persons with disabilities are doubly burdened. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Advisory Committee on Minority Health recently released "Assuring Health Equity for Minority Persons with Disabilities: A Statement of Recommendations and Principles" with the hopes of ensuring that the needs of this population be specifically addressed to ensure that the  benefits of health care reform are available to all.