Wheeled Mobility

One of the major issues faced by people with disabilities is mobility. These are just some of the questions a person with a disability might ask when waking up:

  • “How will I get from my bedroom to the bathroom, or to the kitchen, or any other room in my house?”
  • “How will I get to work, or to my doctor’s appointment?”
  • “What about if I need something from the store, what will I do?”


Fortunately, many types of equipment exist such as manual wheelchairs, powered wheelchairs, and scooters, that allow people with mobility impairments to do these things and much more. It is often the case that what works for one person will not necessarily be the solution for another person with the same disability. We recommend you work with a certified professional to evaluate your needs and determine which piece of equipment, big or small, will fit your unique situation.

Wheelchair University
Provides education and research related to wheelchairs and their use, safety standards, how to select a wheelchair and more for consumers and researchers.

USA Tech Guide
USA TechGuide is a webguide to wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and assistive technology choices. You can read and submit wheelchair reviews, mobility scooter reviews, wheelchair cushion reviews, standing device reviews, and search The TechGuide for all types of assistive equipment.

Other Helpful Resources

Wheelchair Survival Guide for Consumers
All about purchasing and fitting a wheelchair from UCP of Greater Chicago’s Infinitec Program.

Users First
UsersFirst advocates for greater access to appropriate wheelchairs, mobility scooters and seating systems for people with disabilities.