Transportation Safety

Children and adults with disabilities might require specialized car seats or vehicle modifications to ensure safe transportation. The following resources can help ensure safer travel:

Tips for Parents on Safely Transporting Kids with Special Needs
FAQ’s for parents from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Transporting Children with Special Needs
Policy statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics reviews important considerations for transporting children with special health care needs and provides current guidelines for the protection of children with specific health care needs, including those with a tracheostomy, a spica cast, challenging behaviors, or muscle tone abnormalities as well as those transported in wheelchairs.

Riley Hospital Automotive Safety Program: Children with Special Needs
Riley Hospital has long been a national leader and expert in transportation of children with special health care including information on car seats, training resources, and a database of car seat technicians specially trained in issues related to children with special needs.

Wheelchair Transportation Safety: Frequently Asked Questions
FAQs are intended for wheelchair users, parents, practitioners, clinicians and medical personnel, physical and occupational therapists, transit providers, school-bus transportation companies and personnel, transportation systems administrators, and the manufacturers of wheelchairs, wheelchair seating systems, and after-market wheelchair tiedown and occupant restraint systems who are concerned with transportation safety for children and adults who remain seated in their wheelchair when traveling in a motor vehicle.