First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage…

We recently received a couple of videos here at UCP’s national office that shared a similar theme – the joy of wedding celebrations!

Scott and Kim Sussman’s video commemorating their courtship and wedding caught our eye because it exemplifies what it means to live a life without limits. Scott was born a type of cerebral palsy called spastic diplegia. It is among the most common kind of CP and it affects his lower extremities. We really loved the video of Scott and his new wife Kim because his disability is only referred to once and never again! Even when Scott mentioned it, he didn’t refer to it by name. It is simply a part of who he is which Kim loves and accepts along with other traits. We thought Kim’s reaction upon hearing about Scott’s CP was the absolute perfect way to handle what could have been an awkward dating situation, and she managed to also make it adorable.

Here’s to Scott and Kim! Enjoy their wedding video!


This next video really tugged at the collective heartstrings. Korey has spastic quadriplegia. He uses a wheelchair and has issues communicating via speech. So when his brother Kyle got married, Korey wrote his “best man’s speech” to his brother Kyle, but Kyle had to be the one to read it. We like this video because it shows that you can still live a life without limits with enthusiasm and humor even if you need a little help. This video is a shining example of the unique bond of siblings. We think Korey and Kyle are outstanding young men and wish Kyle all the best in his marriage. We also wonder what Kyle can possibly do to top Korey’s speech when Korey gets married and it’s Kyle’s turn to be best man!