So I haven’t been on for a while so let us just recap on how things are going.

There are three parts to the project we need to work out,

One the input ( the actual tracking of the eye)

Two the actual software running on the arduino

Three outputting the data back to the computer

The first part is going well the eye tracking software is semi- useable at this point. There is still some inaccuracy but in good conditions it is good enough to hit a small button. There are a few things holding this back, one the camera is not a in color or a high resolution. The camera is also not mounted onto a pair of glasses as we are planning to this causes it to move in relation to your eyes and then thereby cause shifts on the screen and the nouse not being exactly where you are looking. So these should be easily solved once we mount a good camera in a pair of glasses.

The second part is currently the hardest. We are trying to some how run a majority of the software on the micro-controller, even the it supports the .NET framework used by the software and has expandable memory to fit the software. We still need to cross compile it to work on the arduino this is mainly what I am working on.

The final step is actually outputting to the PC. This is why we are using the Wii remote; for it’s bluetooth capabilities. We need to unsolder the accelerometer and use those inputs once we are done the rest of the software.

-Manbir Gulati


Were working through the Life Without Limits project quite nicely now. The first shipment of parts arrived. This included the breadboard and Jumper wires (for protoyping), along with our two Wii Remotes. The reason for these is inside is them there is a pc compatible bluetooth controller. We will extract this and use that. I’ve already take apart one remote and prepared it to take out the Bluetooth transceiver. This wasnt hard there were simply four screws on the back which had to be removed, and then the case was pryed off. It was a bit tricky to remove the case without breaking the clips in the front though. The case also had Tri-winged screws holding it together but I was able to remve those using a 2.4X20mm flathead screwdriver as I did not not have a Triwinged screwdriver.

We are still awaiting the arrival of the microcontrollers which im sure will arrive soon.

-Manbir Gulati

Outline/First Post

Blog Start

What is this blog about?

This blog will be written by me, Manbir Gulati, a tech intern here at UCP, and it’s purpose serves to outline and inform as I along with a few others work through different projects to help disabled individuals for the LIfe without LImits projects.

Projects we hope to work on and blog on here include

  • a pair of glasses to help control electronic devices with your eyes.
  • A bed/ home sensor to help detect excessive pressure on a patient for example with Lou Gehrig’s, Cerebral Palsy, Diabetic Neuropathy, etc… This will help reduce the long term effects of this such as bed sores
  • and a few more to come
What kind of content will be posted here?

We will post obstacels we encounter, videos of our current progress, pictures of our projects along with other details as we move along through the life without limits projects.

 I hope you enjoy the content of this blog, as there is much more to come!

And thus ends the first blog post