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For the last few years, through the work of the Affiliate Services Committee, UCP has provided consulting services to a number of affiliates on an ad hoc basis. Utilizing the expertise in our affiliates along with UCP staff and volunteer board and committee members, we assisted several affiliates.

In one case, an affiliate had asked for help in reviewing their business strategy. UCP worked with a team from various affiliate management staff who were able to perform an extensive review of programs and services using a grid analysis method. The affiliate leadership was then able to achieve a turnaround of their operations that revitalized their programs and turned them into a stronger financial organization in an expansion mode.

In the past 18 months we have assisted five affiliates with diverse sets of issues including financial assessments, business strategy, merger and workouts.

The Mission Driven Business Consulting team is interested in helping you build your organization, revise or expand your strategic planning, and provide critical financial analysis.  We know that many affiliates have utilized the services of paid outside consultants and have found that to be beneficial.   The key difference with utilizing UCP is that we utilize teams of experts from across our own network and beyond. They understand your business and are committed to our mission.  Additionally, the affiliate and the team of experts together identify the challenges and develop solutions unique to the affiliate.

If you are considering engaging the services of a consulting firm, UCP’s Mission Driven Business Consulting team would like the opportunity to submit a proposal for your consideration.  If you are not sure what consulting services can do for you, please contact Steve Katsurinis, who will provide a no-cost estimate of our services and a scope of work and outcomes.

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