Board of Trustees

Ruth Gullerud


Ruth Gullerud retired in May 2012 as the Executive Director of UCP of West Central Wisconsin, in Eau Claire, where she has worked since 1977 and served as CEO since 1984.  Her work with UCP of West Central Wisconsin has involved direct counseling with people with disabilities and their families, facilitating group counseling for parents, consulting with schools and M-Teams, supervising program staff, coordinating the affiliate’s diagnostic clinic, fundraising and public education/awareness.  She has been the Executive Director since 1984.  Previously, she was an advocate and guidance counselor with the Women’s Community Center in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Ruth received her Bachelor of Arts degree, magna cum laude, from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and her Master of Sciences in Guidance Counseling from the University of Wisconsin-Stout.  She served as a member of the Wisconsin State Board for People with Disabilities (1977 – 1989 and again from 2001 – present), a member of the Wisconsin Exceptional Education Council for Department of Public Instruction (1991 – 1994), and a member of the Board of the Accreditation Council on Services for People with Disabilities (1991- 1998).  Ruth currently serves on the Eau Claire County Advisory Committee on Specialized Transportation and the Wisconsin Alliance for Self-Determination.

A recipient of several outstanding leadership and management awards, Ruth has the pleasure of having hosted the Ruth Gullerud Show (focused on the world through challenges of disability) for Ashford Social Media (March 16 through April 27, 2012).